After a few years of incredibly poor network coverage in LA, I have finally decided I’ve had enough.  But if you wanted an iPhone, there simply was no other choice and it doesn’t look like this will change anytime soon. I have tolerated hundreds of dropped calls over the past couple of years. If anyone reading this has tried to carry on a conversation with me while in my car, I simply can’t talk to you. AT&T drops so many of my calls along Sunset Boulevard that I just no longer have any expectation of a call not being dropped.

Perhaps this is a secret plot to get us Los Angelenos to stay off the phone whilst in the car. While I truly believe it’s safer to not use the phone in the car, for small business owners who need to stay in touch with clients, there aren’t a lot of other options.

I found a great site where you can read actual users experiences with the different networks in and around Los Angeles.

Just google “at&t dropped calls los angeles” to see how bad it really is.

I’ll be taking my business lines as well as those of my family over to Verizon. I will hopefully have much better results!


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  1. That site seems like a nice resource.

    I used to be very happy with AT&T. Their customer service used to be wonderful. Of course, this was before the merge with Cingular and subsequent un-renaming back to AT&T.

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