Dear Twitter,

You are the gift that keeps on giving. With just a little effort on my part to look for interesting folks to follow, my business and personal lives have expanded and flourished.

You deepened a relationship with my favorite vendor @lanlogic and the always hilarious @tedsblog  — I’ve connected with @tomeppy and @nmpolanco @msolario  -= these people are so great in real life too!

As I tweeted back and forth with these folks, I checked out who they were following and discovered  @ehorley who is an absolute network genius and all around good human. Then I followed @jkc137 and discovered another super talented female #sysadmin and we’ve become good friends offline too.

I’m exploring how I can bring the @pacitpros meeting to Los Angeles and was stoked to meet @dougspindler and see 120 warm bodies at the meeting on December 7th. Wow what an amazing group.

How fun was @smbnation ? I met @stevenabanks @eriqneale @sbsfaq and a whole lot more ridiculously smart people.

I’ve found a mentor and a friend in @hobbesoh and enjoy talking mac geek shop with him and continually learning from him as well as learning that I have valuable knowledge to share as well.

There’s one thing I’m sure of – it’s how much I DON’T know and I thank @theshackdaddy & @thirdtier for illuminating deep stupid dark parts of exchange server for me.

I think @randsinger should hire some gals to make his team even better.

@karlpalachuk has enriched my life more than he’ll ever know. I wish I could hang out with him and @bobnitrio but my car refuses to go near Sacramento. It’s probably for the best since I’d make a stop by @dfeh and talk some sense into them regarding childhood autism and defending properly the rights of disabled children.

My organized office would not be possible without the non-judgmental help of @alaiawilliams and I hope we get to be friends because she’s just cool!

I’ve laughed at @oatmeal and cried at some of the @takepart tweets. I’ve learned what the hell is happening in LA by following @laist

@flylady you saved me hundreds of dollars by helping me keep my own house just 15 minutes from being ready for company.

I know I missed a lot of people but here’s the deal. Anyone I follow is awesome. You should just follow them and watch your life change and grow. I love you all and thank you for being part of my life.


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