Sony comes clean: Playstation Network user data was stolen | VentureBeat.

It seems that nearly every week there is a new story about data breaches. From Epsilon’s database being hacked into and now Sony. So what’s the lesson here, do we all pull back and refuse to purchase online content as some clients are saying? I don’t think that is the answer. What about simplifying and putting a few protections in place?

My recommendations:

1. Have a credit or debit card linked to an account with a certain balance limit, say $500. Use this account strictly for online purchases, such as Netflix, Sony, Xbox Live, etc.

2. Setup an email account just for such purchases.

3. When creating online accounts at sites, use the junk email box and your “online” credit card information. Don’t give your real name, address, age or birthdate where possible.

I think these steps should help. Perhaps you have other ideas to share? Give us your comments!


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