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learn IT today, use IT tomorrow

Do you ask yourself if your job skill sets are current? Do you wonder what changes are happening in the industry that you must know? Are you nervous about starting to learn something outside of your core skills but need a bit of help to get started? This is WHY we put together TechDays and WHY you should register

learn IT today, use IT tomorrow


 has an awesome lineup of speakers

and you can’t beat the price given the quality of such presenters as Mark Minasi, Jeff Hicks, Darren Mar-Elia, Steve Evans, Laura Hunter, Christa Anderson, Kevin Remde + many more we have lined up. We have a 200 attendee capacity. It will again be $300 for the two days. In addition, we have added the event to Lanyrd - a popular site for listing and interacting with conferences in a social way. Plus this year we will be utilizing EventBoard to host the Mobile app and allow you to provide feedback on the sessions

Please plan on attending and register  at the website. Also, please pass this on and invite a friend or colleague to join us! Remember, you only get out of user group events what you put into it!

Conference Date: May 2nd, 2013 – May 3rd, 2013

Cost: $300US for two days (multiple tracks


REMINDER: Register

Email Overload

Drowning in email?  I have been testing two apps that really seem to make a difference, (web app + any email account) and (iphone + gmail only)

These apps really allow you to make quick decisions about emails, without the fear of losing them. I love the combination so far.

Both of these apps add labels to your Gmail account, as that is the mechanism they use to filter your mail.

Mailbox on iPhone - What’s different?

The Mailbox app uses gestures to handle each email. For example, if I swipe a message gently to the right, it will archive it. If I swipe all the way to the right it gets deleted. If I swipe gently to the left I have options for snoozing a message. This feature is awesome as it gets the email out of my inbox but brings it back at the day or time I choose. The snooze options are thoughtfully designed, Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a month, and Someday. Guess which one is my favorite? Swiping all the way left moves the message into folders (labels in gmail) called To Read, To Buy, etc and these can all be customized to your liking.

Mailboxapp on the web – What’s different?

First, is NOT an email client, you cannot compose new messages from it. It is specifically designed to help you filter, file and cleanup your mailbox. You can sort by sender, subject, social, etc. I find it’s faster to use than searching in Gmail. You can see who abuses your email address the most.

Screen Shot 2013 04 03 at 8 19 18 AM

Both of these apps have a significant waiting list. That means they’re only accepting new users at a certain pace. While I understand needing to scale servers to support user growth, the wait is a little bit ridiculous.What’s the catch?

Let me know your thoughts on these services.


terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

Last week I was working with a colleague on a server migration project, and between the two of us we’d left sessions open and were locked out. Thankfully I had a Log Me In connection to this server but even that remote control was stalled out. Fortunately there’s a GUI command line. I used this command to resolve the issue:

query session /server:servername

Once I sorted out which session I wanted to kill, I used this command:

reset session [ID] /server:servername

Thanks to How To Geek for the reminder


Raspberry Pi


At one of the upcoming PacITpros user group meetings (see us at I’d like to propose that we meet and talk about the RaspberryPi. If you’re geeky and I know that you are, please consider ordering one to familiarize yourself with the equipment and possibilities. I’ll propose a few projects that you can build with your Pi and we can have a hacker/maker hands on kind of meeting. Here’s a 15% discount code you can use to order your gear:

The Voucher code is NEW2P and it can be used as many times as you would like through February 28th, 2013, feel free to share with whomever you would like.

There are lots of ways to take advantage of this limited offer from our award winning website to our knowledgeable and friendly team waiting to take your call at 1 800 463 9275. You may also send your quote to or email a purchase order to

My order arrived today so I’ve got to get to tinkering.

Jessica DeVita

Save the Date January 19th! Windows 8 App Dev Workshop for women in tech

Women in Tech Unleashed_SavetheDate_rev3

WHAT: Girls in Tech LA partners with Microsoft and UberGeekGirl Jessica DeVita (Microsoft MVP for LA) to present a Windows 8 mobile and desktop apps building workshop! At this all-day workshop, Microsoft evangelists will thoroughly train from soup to nuts. By mid-day you’ll be building an app with an all-star team! Cash prizes to be awarded.

WHO: Calling women college students and professionals throughout LA – aspiring and experienced female coders, developers and app-builders! Required: Very basic programming experience.

WHERE: Microsoft Office in Downtown LA

WHEN: Date: Saturday, January 19, 2013

WHY: Girls in Tech LA realizes the untapped pool of aspiring female developers and we make it our goal to provide opportunities for growth, education and exciting challenges. Why Windows 8? Microsoft Surface is selling out, Windows 8 mobile is going gang busters! Join Microsoft and Girls in Tech LA to learn how to make money with your app and capitalize on the next generation of tablets. We’ll even show you how to market your app in the Microsoft app store!

BRING: A laptop (Windows or Mac)

To register: Windows 8 unleashed

Mentoring Women In Technology

I was recently featured in the September issue of Channelpro talking about my experiences with mentoring in technology. I’m curious about your experiences with mentoring, how important has it been in your work experience? Here’s the link to the article:

Change is the Challenge, Community is the Answer

“We have to find a way to be able to say ‘yes’ to our clients,” noted Jessica DeVita, president of IT consultancy UberGeekGirl Inc. “They don’t want to hear ‘no.’”

Earlier this year I attended and spoke at Jeff Middleton’s IT Pro conference in New Orleans. I spoke on a panel with several of my favorite colleagues including Dave Shackelford, Amy Babinchak and Susan Bradley. We were quoted in this Channelpro article, here’s the link to the article:

By Rich Freeman

Though most of the content at this year’s IT Pro Conference, in New Orleans, La., focused on issues of trust in an era of virtual relationships and remotely-hosted solutions, other topics were also covered. Panelists and audience members also shared thoughts on how recent trends in SMB computing are changing the way channel pros do business.

For example, many SMBs are supplementing traditional Windows-based PCs with Macs and virtual desktops. Others are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies that encourage employees to use the hardware of their choice at work. Both developments, conference attendees said, have solution providers scrambling to master unfamiliar platforms and acquire new skills in areas such as thin client computing and terminal services.

“We have to find a way to be able to say ‘yes’ to our clients,” noted Jessica DeVita, president of IT consultancy UberGeekGirl Inc. “They don’t want to hear ‘no.’”

Cloud computing is upending settled patterns as well, conference goers said, as channel partners accustomed to providing services directly increasingly outsource functions to third-party hosting providers and software-as-a-service vendors instead. Though such arrangements generate welcome add-on revenues, they can also leave channel pros on shaky ground with customers.

“If they know someone else is providing the service, where is your value proposition?” asked Amy Babinchak, president of Harbor Computer Services and managing partner of Third Tier, a provider of advanced support services to IT professionals. “We have to be sure we’re still adding some value.”

That won’t be a problem for IT providers who know their way around the cloud, according to Dave Shackelford, technical lead of Shackelford Consulting and a member of the Third Tier engineering team. Partners who can help SMBs select and integrate cloud services will always be in strong demand, he observed.

“There’s a big need for guides,” Shackelford said. “The question is, are you going to know the terrain or not?” Needless to say, little about that terrain—or the landscape of SMB computing more generally—is familiar to channel pros at present.

Project Management Tools

What keeps you from being organized? I get frustrated with my own perfectionist standards which are often unrealistic. I’m a very visual person so I use whiteboards and vision boards to work on my goals. I also use to collaborate on projects. Finding tools that help you stay on track is fun when you find one that works.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, be prepared to make many mistakes!

Security Uncorked » Why more APs aren’t always better

This is one of the BEST explanations of wireless networking issues I’ve ever seen. Take a look and share with your business partners. Education is a the best sales tool.

Security Uncorked » Why more APs aren’t always better.

Exchange Migration from Hosted 2007 to 2010 on SBS2011

We are a big fan of hosted exchange around here, it’s the not-so-secret sauce that makes everything sync no matter which device or computer you have. Sometimes our clients need or want to have their own server in house, and when that happens we need to do a migration.

In years past, all migrations were done manually, on the client side and it was not an easy task. These days we have more options thankfully. One of our favorites is – the options sound so E A S Y and in most cases, it’s an effortless migration. You simply build a “connector” which contains the “how to” for the source server and the destination server. For example, you would enter the Outlook Web Access or OWA credentials for the source server, in this case the source server is Exchange 2007 from Lanlogic and the owa address is The destination server is an SBS 2011 Standard on-premise installation with a standard url for OWA of

We have enabled autodiscover using an SRV record, per Dave Shackelford’s excellent blog post at and for the most part, everything went very smoothly.

The issue we are troubleshooting is that in certain contacts both on OWA and client side have the EMAIL ADDRESS field hyperlink REMOVED, and therefore when you try to send mail to that contact, you get a useless pop-up error ”An Outlook Address Book entry cannot be used as an email address in a contact”

The contacts that are particularly affected also appear in the new “suggested contacts” folder  (which is supposed to be the replacement for the .nk2 autocomplete functionality of prior versions of Outlook). By the way, Microsoft has never fully documented the process of .nk2 conversions or lack thereof to the new suggested contacts feature. Especially lacking is the information about how to move this from one profile to another.

This is incredibly frustrating. Is it a client side issue, server side issue, attributable to the differences in Exchange 2003 vs. Exchange 2010, or is it on the end of things? Migrationwiz says it’s a client side issue and refers us to

We vehemently disagree since we can still see the original data on the source OWA server and the email address field is intact.

As you might imagine, the client is not too pleased with this issue and is clamoring for a fix.