What is the difference between you and that other guy or gal that seems to accomplish more in the same 24 hours? Habits. That’s it. Sure maybe they have an assistant, but you could too (fancyhands.com), but truly we have the same 24 hours each day. So what do you do with your 24 hours?Read more »

I tuned into the live webcast this morning of the Microsoft Surface event. Many pundits boldly predicted a Surface Mini to be announced. I was stunned and amazed at the reveal of the Surface Pro 3. Not a mini, and no gimmicks. This device is gorgeous. The first thing I noticed was the kickstand. ItRead more »

At this year’s TechEd we’re going to take the wraps off a range of new products and services, and we cannot wait to talk about—and demo—some of the remarkable new capabilities and functionalities we are going to deliver to the IT and developer industry. Can’t make it to Houston this year for TechEd 2014? NoRead more »

I’ve just finished the most fantastic book called The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and I want you to read it too. I picked it up on the recommendation of @realgenekim and I’m so glad I did. It’s a leadership fable, and it gets to the heart of team dysfunction. Each of the layers ofRead more »

Register for DevOps: An IT Pro Guide: http://aka.ms/msdevops DevOps is changing the way you do your work by accelerating delivery of software and updates, optimizing resources, and improving application quality. It can even bolster your career. Want to hear more? Join Microsoft Experts David Tesar and Morgan Webb on May 7th. This half-day session exploresRead more »

In an increasingly multi-hypervisor world, more and more IT organizations are using Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure to achieve superior performance and workload flexibility at the best possible price. With nearly two-thirds of businesses on more than one virtualization platform, adding Microsoft virtualization and cloud skills to your technical repertoire can improve your career optionsRead more »

Since 2005 I’ve had the great pleasure of being the IT person for many wonderful clients here in Los Angeles. I’ve gotten to work with companies large and small, helping them mature their infrastructure and migrate to the cloud where appropriate. I’m profoundly grateful for the friendships and technical strides I’ve made with and for myRead more »

Today has been a whirlwind of password changes and working with customers to help them understand the Heartbleed bug. They are rightfully confused and worried, especially since they are getting a lot of conflicting information. Some of them have received emails from websites essentially saying that they have no evidence of compromise so they don’tRead more »

I was very fortunate to get into Rails Girls LA this weekend. While it wasn’t a smooth start due to internet issues, today I’ve made some progress thanks to my coach Brian Miller. I really wish that Meraki had been able to sponsor the wi-Fi, As not having it really limits your ability to learnRead more »

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