So my husband @wx13 and I were discussing open source software. This became especially poignant during the apparent selling of our search history by @google Super lame move btw, because I loved their products and was a big fan and promoted the bejesus out of them. No mas free advertising from me. Below I listRead more »

IT Professional colleagues, Pacific IT Professionals is hosting a 2 day IT Professional conference in San Francisco March 22 and 23rd called TechDays SF. We have a great lineup of speakers to present on current topics that IT Professionals won’t want to miss. The speakers include Microsoft MVP’s Mark Minasi, Richard Hicks, Jessica DeVita, Jennelle Crothers, Steve Evans, Darren Mar-Elia and many more distinguished presenters. InRead more »

Buy Office 365. A poll for my readers: Have you tried Office 365? If no, are you thinking about trying it soon? If yes, are you happy? Are your users happy? What issues are you facing transitioning folks from desktop editions of Office?

Please get in touch with me immediately if you have mad skillz and can fix this in short order: On Mac. Created a picture slideshow in Flash CS3 using ‘Actions’. Once it was saved as a SWF it would play fine, until it was placed in Dreamweaver CS3, where it would go blank and onlyRead more »

. Symantec’s remote access product “PC Anywhere” has been compromised. If you are using this product, Symantec has issued a recommendation to stop using the product. Here’s their whitepaper

For those of you who might be curious about what we’re doing this weekend, it’s She’s Geeky in Mountain View. It will be my 2nd time attending this conference with my esteemed colleague, Jennelle Crothers, fellow Microsoft MVP and all around smarty pants. Usually we are the only two sysadmins, but perhaps there will beRead more »

The first PacITpros meeting is Tuesday, January 24th and it’s a can’t miss event. Joey Snow is flying down to Los Angeles to present to our group. Register and RSVP at Remember we are now gratefully hosted in Santa Monica at MacMall on 15th and Wilshire! See you at 6pm sharp! Windows Server 2003Read more »

If you’re searching for a very low cost email, contacts and calendaring solution and don’t need the power of Microsoft Exchange, you might look at Google Apps. The only challenge you will face is that Google makes it very difficult to find their free version. In fact, when you sign up, you’ll likely be putRead more »

I think that if the installation guide is this big that there might be a better way to do things.

Recently we had the opportunity to setup a Multipoint server for a new business. This was an exciting case study to see how we could put great new technology into a small business and help them get off to a great start. I hope to answer a few questions for my colleagues and others whoRead more »

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