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From the Playboy Interview: How Computers work

What a lovely interview with Steve Jobs. I had never read this before and I’m quietly stunned. His explanation is simply brilliant.


xkcd: Devotion to Duty

xkcd: Devotion to Duty.

Sysadmins: We’re a bunch of freaks. Some are freaky on the downlow and others let their freak flag fly. Either way, when some crazy technical issue has got you down because it’s JUST SO “OUT THERE”, you want one of us on your team. So don’t piss off the Sysadmin. Love them. Feed them. Give them gifts….. and all your shit will
 – Steve we hardly knew ya

Stunning home page at


No long story about all the great things you did Steve, no bullshit about how you inspire me.

Just this.

Thank you for making products that my clients really enjoy and making it really easy to do business with Apple.

Warmest regards,

Jessica DeVita


I have all my passwords on a piece of paper…

I have all my passwords on a piece of paper….



You must be thinking about a post it note under my keyboard. But you’d be wrong. I have always been passionate about security. Just ask Dana Epp of Scorpion Software, he’s an Enterprise Security MVP and I stalk him at conferences because he is so brilliantly dialed in to the security issues of today.

My good colleague and fellow MVP Wayne Small over at showed me an incredible password management strategy and I want you to immediately check it out and see if you can make it work for you.

No big $$ investment, no selling your soul to the latest “Security Expert”. Just simple two factor authentication. Here’s the link


Windows 8 Has Finally Updated the Blue Screen of Death

Windows 8 Has Finally Updated the Blue Screen of Death.

From, the greatest website EVER.

Looking forward the next “consumer” version of the Windows operating system, it seems they got the message that user errors can be teaching tools to the user. I think more transparency in this industry can only be an improvement.

What areas of IT would YOU like to see more transparency in? Can we collectively work toward this goal? Why or why not?

I just wonder who the pop psychologist was that came up with the copy for the new “cute screen of death”?

Starting a Community is Hard

via buckleyPLANET: Starting a Community is Hard.

I want all my friends, colleagues and participants of user groups to read this post from Christian. We work really freakin’ hard to make these local, live events happen. 99% of what we do is free. The events we charge for are extremely affordable and mostly cover hard costs like airfare to bring MVP’s to meet YOU in person and answer YOUR questions.

Could you do your part and show up? Maybe send a thank you if you appreciated a particular event. Let us know how this work affects you and improves your enjoyment of your work.

If we suck, don’t be afraid to ask how you can help. Volunteers greatly appreciated!

go now, and signup, rsvp or just give us a shout on twitter @pacitpros @ehorley @jkc137 @ubergeekgirl @ryananding but if you don’t, we’ll probably keep doing it. But if it matters to you, let us know.

SMB Nation

One of the most important technical conferences I attend each year is SMB Nation Fall. I am speaking at this year’s conference and I hope you’ll be there too. They are giving away a Harley, so if you’re into that sortof thing, then register today! For our readers, you may receive a 10% discount by entering code “UBERGEEKGIRL” without quotes.  And, if you want to carpool, ping me.

I will be doing a mobility session: GS13 – How the $#%@! do I setup email, calendar and contacts on this phone?!

Don’t miss the 9th Annual SMB Nation Fall conference coming up – end of month. Your VERY BEST RATES expire September 9th – this Friday!!! Visit for details.


What’s New?

More MVPs, More Technical Content , More Advanced Sessions…you told us what you wanted and we delivered! If you’re serious about improving yourself as a technical professional, take the first step and visit our Fall site for more information.  Topics include Office 365 E3, SBSE,  MultiPoint Server (MPS), MSP business models and much more – truly can’t miss content!



SBS MVP Roadshow coming to LA October 19th

Our humble user group, PacITpros is honored to be one of the stops on the cross country MVP Roadshow.

Register here:

SBS 2011 and MultiPoint Server 2011 – New Solutions for Small Businesses:

Did you know that you can use SBS 2011 Essentials with Office 365? This means you can run the core infrastructure you need on-premise and work with online services such as Office 365 for collaboration and line of business (LOB) application support. Together, SBS Essentials and Office 365 help improve employee productivity and business efficiency by merging the network security and data safety that the server provides, with the no-hassle, flexible productivity tools that the online suite provides.

We’ll also see Multipoint server. With Windows MultiPoint Server, a single computer supports multiple users at the same time, each working independently using their own monitor, keyboard and mouse and with a familiar Windows computing experience.

IPv6 & DirectAccess – September 20th

Tuesday, September 20th, we’ll welcome Edward Horley and Richard Hicks for a great technical presentation. Register at

Ed Horley: Deploying IPv6 in a Microsoft Enterprise Network

The presentation is focused on the basic deployment items that system and network administrators need to pay attention to for Enterprises networks that are primarily Microsoft focused. Topics covered include default IPv6 behavior of different Windows OS’s, when transition technologies are enabled, what Microsoft products will use IPv6 and deployment guide modifications for Exchange, DirectAccess, Forefront UAG and TMG. In addition, if time allows, some design challenges around DHCP and DNS and how Windows 7 will behave vs Apple OSX or Linux implementations.


Richard Hicks: DirectAccess, the Microsoft remote access technology of the future. Built on Windows 7 and Server 2008/R2, DirectAccess represents a paradigm shift in secure remote access to corporate resources. DirectAccess relies heavily on IPv6, and during the presentation he’ll explain how a DirectAccess deployment can be an effective way to gain experience with IPv6, while at the same time providing transparent, always-on corporate network connectivity for remote users. In addition, Richard will explain the benefits of DirectAccess for systems management engineers, information security officers, and compliance managers.


Presenters Bio’s:

Ed Horley is a Principal Solutions Architect at Groupware Technology in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ed is actively involved in IPv6 serving as the co-chair of the California IPv6 Task Force and additionally helping with the North American IPv6 Task Force.

Ed is a current Microsoft MVP (first awarded back in 2004) and has spent the last 15 years working in networking as an IT Professional. Contact him at ed (@) or check out his blog at


Richard Hicks is a network security specialist and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Forefront protection technologies. He has designed and deployed edge security and remote access solutions using Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 and Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010 for small and mid-sized businesses, military, government, and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Richard is a MCITP-Enterprise Administrator and is a contributing author for popular technology web sites and You can find his blog at


We have some amazing prizes to giveaway at this event, including:

·        Windows 7 Ultimate

·        Office 2010 Pro

·        TechNet+ Subscriptions



If you Park at the Wells Fargo Building (where the office is) you will be charged $40.00 – $50.00 dollars.

The least expensive Parking for LA is at Joe’s Auto Park – closest locations are:

·          252 S. Hill Street

·          338 S. Hill Street


Do you want me to fix it for free?

I want to thank Wayne Small for this post on his blog. It says what I could never say before now.


Do you want your PC fixed for free?

Are you the person in this video ? Don’t be that guy. Yes we are good at fixing computers. But when you deny responsibility for the problems that are often caused by actions YOU take, you suck all the joy out of our work.