Join me for At the Helm: Women in Biz on Saturday. There will be some great experts (including me!), covering the information YOU need to know to grow a great business: how to be the boss, managing your money, protecting ideas, increasing your visibility & more. Get the scoop and sign up here:

Small businesses, beware the Office 365 fine print | ZDNet. If you like to send a lot of email, take a look at this article on ZDNet on the Office 365 sending limits. Details are still emerging and while I ultimately believe this will get fixed if enough people get hurt by it, it doesn’tRead more »

What happens when a company merges with another? It can be a magical and wonderful thing if the company visions are aligned and customers and the product quality remain the top priority. I wish I could say that the Speakeasy/Megapath merger was successful. In my opinion, based only on my single experience with this “mega”Read more » What a lovely interview with Steve Jobs. I had never read this before and I’m quietly stunned. His explanation is simply brilliant.  

xkcd: Devotion to Duty. Sysadmins: We’re a bunch of freaks. Some are freaky on the downlow and others let their freak flag fly. Either way, when some crazy technical issue has got you down because it’s JUST SO “OUT THERE”, you want one of us on your team. So don’t piss off the Sysadmin.Read more »

Stunning home page at   No long story about all the great things you did Steve, no bullshit about how you inspire me. Just this. Thank you for making products that my clients really enjoy and making it really easy to do business with Apple. Warmest regards, Jessica DeVita  

I have all my passwords on a piece of paper….     You must be thinking about a post it note under my keyboard. But you’d be wrong. I have always been passionate about security. Just ask Dana Epp of Scorpion Software, he’s an Enterprise Security MVP and I stalk him at conferences because heRead more »

Windows 8 Has Finally Updated the Blue Screen of Death. From, the greatest website EVER. Looking forward the next “consumer” version of the Windows operating system, it seems they got the message that user errors can be teaching tools to the user. I think more transparency in this industry can only be an improvement.Read more » via buckleyPLANET: Starting a Community is Hard. I want all my friends, colleagues and participants of user groups to read this post from Christian. We work really freakin’ hard to make these local, live events happen. 99% of what we do is free. The events we charge for are extremely affordable and mostly coverRead more »

One of the most important technical conferences I attend each year is SMB Nation Fall. I am speaking at this year’s conference and I hope you’ll be there too. They are giving away a Harley, so if you’re into that sortof thing, then register today! For our readers, you may receive a 10% discount byRead more »

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