Just discovered this service, I like the privacy features. I’ll give it a try. To help avoid privacy leaks, Pinboard does not serve any third-party content to logged-in users—that means no scripts, images, analytics trackers, and certainly no ads. You do not have to provide any personally identifying information to open a Pinboard account. TheRead more »

Today has been a whirlwind of password changes and working with customers to help them understand the Heartbleed bug. They are rightfully confused and worried, especially since they are getting a lot of conflicting information. Some of them have received emails from websites essentially saying that they have no evidence of compromise so they don’tRead more »

Fake security Skype scam. This Skype call came in this afternoon. Fortunately I had my iPhone handy and recorded the whole thing. Take a look. Hopefully reporting it as abuse and blocking the call will help.

Small Business Insurance For Data Loss and Security Breach Did you know that you could purchase insurance for data loss? Should you? It depends. I believe in educating our clients about their risks as I see them, not just computer risks, but all of their vulnerabilities. I think that in our industry there is aRead more »

So my husband @wx13 and I were discussing open source software. This became especially poignant during the apparent selling of our search history by @google Super lame move btw, because I loved their products and was a big fan and promoted the bejesus out of them. No mas free advertising from me. Below I listRead more »

. Symantec’s remote access product “PC Anywhere” has been compromised. If you are using this product, Symantec has issued a recommendation to stop using the product. Here’s their whitepaper http://www.symantec.com/connect/sites/default/files/pcAnywhere%20Security%20Recommendations%20WP_01_23_Final.pdf

Recently we have had several clients contact us because they received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. The caller continued on to say that they were calling from “the Microsoft Windows Support” and that the computer was compromised. I’m grateful that our clients were wise and hung up on theseRead more »

I have all my passwords on a piece of paper….     You must be thinking about a post it note under my keyboard. But you’d be wrong. I have always been passionate about security. Just ask Dana Epp of Scorpion Software, he’s an Enterprise Security MVP and I stalk him at conferences because heRead more »

Linked In (the social network) has made a change to their default settings which, if left unchanged, allows them to show your photo and name for advertising purposes. You can opt out of this. 1. Click your name on the homepage (upper right corner). On the drop-down menu, click “Settings”. 2. From the “Settings” page,Read more »

Sony comes clean: Playstation Network user data was stolen | VentureBeat. It seems that nearly every week there is a new story about data breaches. From Epsilon’s database being hacked into and now Sony. So what’s the lesson here, do we all pull back and refuse to purchase online content as some clients are saying?Read more »

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