Just discovered this service, I like the privacy features. I’ll give it a try. To help avoid privacy leaks, Pinboard does not serve any third-party content to logged-in users—that means no scripts, images, analytics trackers, and certainly no ads. You do not have to provide any personally identifying information to open a Pinboard account. TheRead more »

One of the reasons I love WordPress so much is that it is incredibly easy to post a blog right from your phone. Once you know your settings and can get the configuration right it’s just very very easy to blog on the go. It’s very easy to attach a photo and you can doRead more »

I love that I had a reason to use this random number generator back in April. It helped me schedule random posts for an event I was planning. Give it a try and use it with an excel sheet of tweets you’d like to schedule, and a tool like hoot suite that lets you upload.Read more »

Dear Twitter, You are the gift that keeps on giving. With just a little effort on my part to look for interesting folks to follow, my business and personal lives have expanded and flourished. You deepened a relationship with my favorite vendor @lanlogic and the always hilarious @tedsblog  — I’ve connected with @tomeppy and @nmpolancoRead more »