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Okay, show of hands. Who hates email? Everyone? Yes me too. So what do we do about it? Keep bitching on twitter? I vote no. Seriously, what is the problem with email? Too much? Lack of context? Silos of information? All of those things are true and I believe there’s a ton of room forRead more »

Today we have a guest post from Jennelle Crothers who blogs over at If you’re having trouble finding good candidates for your Helpdesk, you might want to take a fresh look at someone who is probably already on your staff. Your Tier 1 Support is in the Wrong Place Lots of us started there.Read more »

SBS 2011 Standard, Outlook 2010, shared calendar. Odd calendar behavior for a user today. They would delete a calendar entry from their boss’ calendar and it would never sync back to the server. All other calendar functions worked. The deletion would only sync if the user then clicked on that person’s deleted items folder. IRead more »

Filing this under really interesting fixes. This issue came up because the user’s account is a managed account in Mac OSX 10.7 and their email account is on an Exchange 2010 server. The user reported being unable to use Outlook. I tried removing and re-adding the account, and was unable to do so because autodiscoverRead more »

Drowning in email?  I have been testing two apps that really seem to make a difference, (web app + any email account) and (iphone + gmail only) These apps really allow you to make quick decisions about emails, without the fear of losing them. I love the combination so far. Both of theseRead more »

Last week I was working with a colleague on a server migration project, and between the two of us we’d left sessions open and were locked out. Thankfully I had a Log Me In connection to this server but even that remote control was stalled out. Fortunately there’s a GUI command line. I used thisRead more »

If you’re searching for a very low cost email, contacts and calendaring solution and don’t need the power of Microsoft Exchange, you might look at Google Apps. The only challenge you will face is that Google makes it very difficult to find their free version. In fact, when you sign up, you’ll likely be putRead more »

Small businesses, beware the Office 365 fine print | ZDNet. If you like to send a lot of email, take a look at this article on ZDNet on the Office 365 sending limits. Details are still emerging and while I ultimately believe this will get fixed if enough people get hurt by it, it doesn’tRead more »

Windows 8 Has Finally Updated the Blue Screen of Death. From, the greatest website EVER. Looking forward the next “consumer” version of the Windows operating system, it seems they got the message that user errors can be teaching tools to the user. I think more transparency in this industry can only be an improvement.Read more »

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